Palm Reading


A Palm Reading is the telling of fortunes by reading the hand lines on the palm of the hand.
This practice is also known by other names such as Palmistry, Chirology or Chiromancy
and gives similar results such as also received from Clairvoyants, Fortune Tellers,
Soothsayers Psychics still viewed by many as only entertainment.

Those that perform reading palms are usually known as palm readers but
are often also called Palmists, Chirologists or even Hand Readers.

What do the lines on your hand mean?
Although the practice of palm reading has and is used all over the world,
with many cultural variations obtained from China, India and even Ancient Israel,
those that know how to read palms can reveal much about the character of the individual
when doing their hand reading and life line.

After selecting the correct palm hand and studying their palmar features and palm reading lines,
the palm lines meaning can be determined.

A life line with branches at the end or a broken, forked
or double life line in palmistry of the left or right hand palm have differant meanings.

There are many palm reading guides available on Amazon for sale
but reading palm lines should be left to a professional Psychic that you are interactive with, that knows them well.

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Valerie Morrison - Psychic Medium

Psychic Valerie Morrison

Valerie has appeared on many National Television Shows including Court TV's "Psychic Detectives"

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Many famous celebrities from the past have had their palms read
such as President Grover Cleveland, Inventor Thomas Edison and Novelist Mark Twain.

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Valerie Morrison is a professional Psychic Counselor.

From her office practice in Philadelphia,
and phone readings to individuals and celebrities from all over the world,
Valerie has been helping people for over 38 years.

Her full name and actual address
along with some of her credentials are proudly displayed on her web site.

As a Psychic Medium and a Intuitive Counselor
she has appeared on many national television shows including
"Larry King Live" and Court TV's "Psychic Detectives" to name a few.

She is a highly regarded and respected member of her community
with affiliations with many law enforcement agencies,
is a bipartisan supporter of honorable political pursuits
and is engaged in social endeavors which include fundraising and benefits
for our seniors, the ill, those in financial need and our military veterans.

Valerie takes her work seriously and as a reputable psychic,
you will never see her entertaining at a party
or other function that mocks the integrity of her profession.

It is important to understand that being a psychic
is not a profession that one chooses to pursue.

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